Social Commitment


Ryan Mallery, CEO & Fund Manager for Big River, has a keen interest in helping to ensure a bright future for natural resources in his own community and beyond. He sits on the Board of Directors of Friends of the Mississippi River, which works toward protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Mississippi River and its watershed in the Twins Cities Region. For over a decade Mr. Mallery has been the forestry committee chairperson for a private corporation in Central Wisconsin, overseeing the protection, management, and enjoyment of 7,500 acres of native habitat. In 2008, Ryan supported the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment, one of the largest Minnesota conservation measures to date.  

Mr. Mallery’s passion for conservation also follows him to the family cabin, where he has spent many sunny afternoons since 2007 as a volunteer Lake Sentinel, sighting and recording Eurasian water milfoil locations. Mr. Mallery is a Lifetime Member of the Ruffed Grouse Society.  Ryan also supports Trout Unlimited and has worked on stream restoration projects with them while also providing financial support. 

In addition to his many conservation efforts, Mr. Mallery has contributed to a variety of schools and charities that help improve the community and support its citizens.