Our Funds


Fund No. 1


Big River Real Estate Fund, LLC was launched in February 2012 and filled out its commitments in less than 120 days. It is a real estate private equity fund focused on stabilized commercial real estate assets.  Fund No. 1 had capital commitments from 24 members, one-third of which came from three principal investors; the remaining balance came from known and trusted sources.  Fund No. 1 utilized Big River Real Estate’s platform to source, analyze, and purchase quality commercial real estate investments in the upper Midwest region.  At present, Big River Real Estate serves as property manager for all Fund No. 1 assets.

Fund No. 1 is currently composed of five assets: three retail buildings totaling approximately 45,000 square feet, and two light industrial buildings totaling approximately 156,000 square feet.  At present, Fund No. 1 is fully stabilized and approximately 23 tenants provide the income stream which services its debts and from which distributions to its members flow.  Fund No. 1 returns for our private investors, family offices, and high net worth clients have been as projected, and above market on a risk-adjusted basis.  Please contact us for more detail on Fund No. 1 returns.

Fund No. 2


Big River Real Estate Fund II, LLC was closed to new investors on July 15th, 2015 and is currently being invested across the upper midwest, with particular focus on the Milwaukee and Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan areas.  Target assets include industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties.  Please contact us regarding assets for sale, or if you are interested in co-investing alongside us.